During the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, the frontline people emerged to be the heroes of society. Though human beings dwelling in one of a kind international locations have one of a kind concept methods and methods of life, all of them synonymously regarded to have come collectively and thanked the frontline people round them in lots of one of a kind methods. While a few clapped for medical doctors coming back from tiresome and lengthy responsibility hours, a few thanked the law enforcement officials through supplying them food.

There had been some of testimonies doing the rounds at the net wherein human beings confirmed their gratitude to the frontline people which made essential headlines. As of now, Google has performed its bit to thank the people who helped others in the course of the continuing pandemic.

Today, i.e September 14, 2020’s Google Doodle has paid recognize and thanked the helpers who labored thru the tiring instances of COVID-19. During the pandemic, frontline people like medical doctors, healthcare professionals, sanitisation people, transport employees and plenty of others had been operating tirelessly. However, the Google Doodle has long gone a step in addition and additionally protected the lively images of chefs, instructors and sweepers who had been additionally operating across the clock in the course of the pandemic. In its Doodle pages, Google wrote the following –

As COVID-19 keeps to effect groups across the world, human beings are coming collectively to assist each other now extra than ever. We’re launching a Doodle collection to realize and honor a lot of the ones at the the front traces. Today, we might like to mention: To all coronavirus helpers, thanks.

Besides this, Google had additionally shared some precautionary measures along side the Doodle that’s essential to follow. Google counseled human beings to put on a face mask, wash fingers and hold a secure distance from human beings. As of now, the COVID-19 instances in India had been developing at a speedy rate, those precautionary measures can assist human beings pass a protracted away amid an ongoing pandemic. While sharing the Doodle on Twitter, Google India wrote that human beings should pass beyond the pandemic even as being collectively stating -‘The great manner to mention thanks to all the ones at the the front traces is through staying at home. Together, we are able to pass beyond this.

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