Many industries across the world use industrial batch ovens as a part of their production lines, including food production, electronics, chemical processing, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, and automotive. An industrial batch oven is a closed system oven that consists of a heated chamber used for different industrial purposes, including baking, curing, or drying components and items.

They often feature many different configurations, sizes, and temperatures. The heater chamber airflow is typically set up with a horizontal cross flow recirculating over the chamber walls. In addition, they can also be equipped with a top-down or bottom-up airflow pattern. Batch ovens can also offer different heating technologies, such as gas, electric, infrared, and radiant heating. If you select the right engineering business to assist in selecting the best industrial oven for your business, your batch oven can be bespoke, and therefore customised to your needs.

Depending on the application, bespoke batch ovens can include a dedicated cooling cycle. There are numerous options for flooring, such as recessed tracks to accept product carts, a steel plate floor, or an insulated floor without tracks. A wide range of doors is also available, from simple horizontal swing doors to hydraulic or pneumatic vertical doors with manual or automatic operation.

If you are looking for a batch oven, and work within the manufacturing industry, here are some industrial applications that can be carried out with the help of bespoke batch ovens that can improve your operations:


The use of the drying process can be seen in the production of many items including pharmaceutical tablets. Drying involves introducing hot air to a product, therefore evaporating the moisture contained within the product. It can be used not just for pharmaceuticals, but for a range of packaging and coating requirements.


Annealing involves a heat treatment process that is used to change the structure of a material. This often involves glass and metals, particularly steel, in order to reduce their rigidity, and increase ductility.

Curing & Composite Curing

Curing is one of the most common uses of industrial batch ovens. The curing process is used in nearly every industry to set coatings (both liquid and powder) and harden adhesives. It is also common that ovens are used for composite curing. Composite curing refers to the setting up of high-strength, low-weight carbon materials. As carbon fibre and other composites become increasingly prevalent in various industries, the composite curing process must be controlled with uniform heat and airflow to achieve uniform product quality.


Industrial batch ovens are also used to sterilise a variety of medical instruments and devices. In addition to medical equipment, industrial ovens can also decontaminate medical and surgical components such as staples, metal rods, scalpels, scissors, and syringes. 

Bespoke industrial batch ovens can be used for all of the applications mentioned above. They can easily be used across various industries, and even created specifically to cater to your industry.

DRYSYS is among Australia’s leading manufacturers of specialised bespoke machinery and equipment for commercial bespoke solutions. It doesn’t matter whether you need custom industrial batch ovens, or industrial air systems to run your business; DRYSYS can help create the perfect bespoke creation for your production line.  

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